If I were President




Excerpts from the real work of students of the Moscow school eighth graders on the topic "If I were President" (Russia, the Globe …). In case of refusal to write a job because of the impossibility of such a situation, children are encouraged to write on the topic "Why I'll never be president."

Style of the original places saved.

"… I would have dropped the atomic bomb on Russia, and he would have gone somewhere. Hate Rosiiju — here dirt and messes!"
"… I would have allowed recreational drugs (marijuana, hemp) … would have showered America, Asia and Iraq nuclear missiles to make one Europe"
"… Would reduce the period of military service to three days a year for life …"
"… Would be expelled from Russia all hachey, Japanese, and (here was the national symbol of homosexuals)"
"… Would forbid to marry more than 4 times in a row …"
"… Would have legalized drugs and prostitution — because it naromany seriously ill people, not criminals, and the girls themselves can decide how they earn …"
"… Stole a lot of dough and hit the road to Egypt, then made a platicheskuyu surgery and again became president …"
"… Russia would share in the States, like America, and even the president's head on one too many terrorists …"
"… Actually — I interrupted to all Russian and has delivered a colony of Americans …"
"… The president of Russia I will never be because of nationalist beliefs and sexual discrimination … President of the world, I, too, will not, because the president of the world is to be a Jew, not a girl Tatar-Caucasian natsinalnosti …"
"… Would take care of the environment and children's homes …"
"… 1.Nanyal pravitelstvo.2.Zastavil would be a good population of Azerbaijan is at least partially reside in Azeerbaydzhane. 3. Would have canceled the second shift at the school and the lesson Tehnologii.4.Sdelal would volunteer army."
"… Would not allow the U.S. comedy show …"
"… Would cancel the freedom of speech and the press …"
"… Would open a lot of children's homes and called them" little monsters home "…"
"… I have decided to environmental problems …"
"… Would undertake for the protection of animals seriously …"
"… I have decided to prevent bribery and tax evasion …"
"… In all the schools would be absolutely the same program that would teach chemistry since 10th grade history have taught every day, and the Russian and the literature would be on TV."
"… Ordered to stay in the new series," Harry Potter "and" Charmed "…"
"… I would have controlled the bribes at MSU …"
"… I would have gone to Thailand — this is the best country, and before it dropped a nuclear bomb in order to live there alone …"
"… 1.Uvelichil salaries for teachers and doctors, as well as pension (underpaid) 2.Otmenil the drugs (bad) 3.Zapretil to smoke in public places (not all like tobacco smoke) 4.Chtoby no one in the government did not steal money (not enough money) … "
"… Would put all Chechens (and the like), Ukrainians (and the like) on one island. They are so evil that they themselves would cancel each other. And when the last one dies, we all will be a holiday -" The end of the Islanders '…'
"… I would be robbed of all deputies, and then would be arranged for the end of the world. Money I'd handed people were glad to finally …"
"… I would have shouldered all the responsibility on the Prime Minister and the government, or committed suicide …"
"… Good to be president when you're alone on the planet …"
"… I would have canceled the money and for all the work would be paying the same products …"
"… Would make one language — English …"
"… Would permit the sale of" crack "," marijuana "," marijuana "," cannabis ", would cancel all cultural programs would be exhausted all hachey, sent a detachment of" Alpha "cripple all the Jews, and our director would no longer be was the director of … "
"… It is necessary to take all the cleaning up the environment …"
"… I was never elected president, because I'm not a man …"
"… It is necessary to renovate old houses and remove the dirt from the streets …"
"… Would reduce taxes on small businesses …"
"… Did would be that instead of the army would be to pay the money in installments …"
"… The world would be destroyed. Would I let the whole arsenal of nuclear weapons to other countries. All people would osvobozhddeny from the bondage of this world, everyone would have died. After the death awaited me be a terrible punishment, but people would be released. But most people do not understand my great mission, and because they never elect me president … "
"… Sent to the Chinese, who are gradually taking our Siberia …"
"And no one would have found me then!"

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