In Astana dung beetle invasion


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30.07.11.Astana experiencing an invasion of dung beetles. Experts believe that the insect scavengers showed up in the capital with the lake Taldykol.

It is noteworthy that the insects prefer to attack the prestigious area of the left bank. "Lovely" creation were seen even in shopping malls. The first Internet alarmed Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalen, made a statement on Twitter: "In Astana, who still faced with the beetles? Biblical hordes! .. ".

A little later in the debriefing specialists left the National Center phyto and forecasts.
— This beetle — ditritofag — commented biologist Zhunusbekov Jerkins. — On the Internet, some felt that this predaceous diving beetles. Unfortunately, this carrion beetles. I have already started an investigation to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

Usually, such an invasion of beetles associated with the mass of cattle plague. This creepy creatures who do not disdain cannibalism and prey on each other. I believe that the source of the appearance of these beetles — Taldykol lake on the outskirts of the capital, where for decades poured urban sewage.

Meanwhile, Internet badly-word in full practice in commenting on the situation. Someone, for example, found that the invasion of beetles — part of the advertising campaign of a new car "Volkswagen".

Alan Isayev

Source: "Express K"

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