In Australia, the improved system of tsunami warning

In the coming months in Australia will be launched a new tsunami warning system, while unique in its kind. The system will allow scientists to more accurately predict the time and location of the tsunami hit, based on the seismic characteristics of earthquakes occurring in the Indian Ocean and the Indonesian archipelago. Sensors will be installed warning systems in the Pilbara region in the west of Australia.
Specially designed and placed network of seismographs to record the strength and duration of the shock, trying to catch even the smallest bumps. The information will be sent in real time to the Centre for Prevention of prices in Melbourne and Canberra.

Such a warning system are highly relevant to a country in a relatively short distance from the boundary of the active plate tectonics, constantly generating a tsunami and a third of all earthquakes in the world. Together with the coastal system that will capture the signals from seismic events, for the people, as always, will be working the media and mobile services.
Indonesians have experienced the system in April 2012. Its use was very productive, as people moved away in time from the coast, which helped avoid casualties.Source:

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