In Belogorsk burned alive over a hundred pigeons


Belogorsk, November 08 (New Region — Crimea, Anna Savitskaya) — In ponedelnki Belogorsk evening due to a short in the wiring lit loft in a private household. As a result, more than a hundred domestic birds burned alive.

As the press service of the Crimean emergency department, wooden bird house take from sparks electric heater that pigeon found in the house, so that the birds do not freeze. Aviculturist himself went into the house, he lay on the bed watching TV, but after a while he saw that his charges home on fire. The owner immediately called firefighters, but the wooden building in minutes burned down. The fire killed more than a hundred of rare birds.

As the fire, the man worked hard all his life, growing feathered beauties, had the rare and bred pigeons, which are collected for many years, belonged to the blue, as if the children.

The average cost of a pair of doves is 500 hryvnia.

Source: New Region — Crimea

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