In Biysk the blast knocked out windows of houses


Now at this training ground rumbling explosions. File photo edition

4.04.12.Tri weeks in a row across the river rumbling explosions — at a military training ground near the airport is Bijskogo scale disposal of obsolete munitions under the federal target program "Industrial utilization."

Under this program, the Ministry of Defense of Russia due to the January 2014 destroyed 3 million tons of old shells, bombs and mines, which have accumulated in the Russian arsenal, according to official data, about 6 million tons.

That rumbling explosions at a military training ground Biysk region, and on the Silov in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk and Saratov and Tomsk, and Jurg. State business, who argues: the old munitions have long expired, so they are dangerous, but …

To the Editor of the military approached by residents of the town, that is beyond the checkpoint, "Our life has been hell! Not only that we live now in the front line, so even the blast blown glass in the windows, and in apartments crawling on the walls cracked. Do not believe me? Come! "

Get a checkpoint VAI a service car difficult, all-takiterritoriya is in the military, so we have the support of a regular bus service, which is every three hours runs from the city's train station to the "Polygon". In the bus, in fact, begins our dialogue with women who live in the town.

— Yesterday, March 29, in the evening issued two windows in the kindergarten — excitedly said Tatiana, a mother of two children who are on maternity leave. — And a neighbor ran out on the balcony glass. At the entrance is a crack on the wall, between the doorway and the wall — the gap in a finger thick. Explosions rumble three times a day — in our homes shake all walks! We call the Civil Defense, "What do we do, we take off glasses, children cry — we are afraid!" And we answered, "If you are afraid — get off the street!" Now, as soon as the explosions begin, take children and go out into the hallway — just case.

— I have two days ago smashed glass in the kitchen — is included in the conversation, Nina in a red jacket, I'm not naming names of women — their husbands are in the military unit in charge of the training ground. — I went to the housing office to our service "Slav", because there is war brought new windows — so we insert instead of broken. And the bombings began on 16 March, and warning announcements stuck only in the evening on March 17! We all day phoning the unit commander of the Civil Defense and the rescuers!

Emotions overflowed passenger bus. Meanwhile, we have safely crossed the post VAI: silhouettes of women report vehicles that are seen in the distance on the range — say that today, 20 Kamaz trucks with ammunition brought, soon begin to blow …

Not bring myself to call this poselochek military town: only three houses on the ground floor of one of them is a kindergarten. At the last stop we are waiting for — the residents of the houses out and employees of the kindergarten. I look back and realize that the women in the bus I was not deceived: homes really affected by the blast. Many windows shattered windows, some of which are tight with plastic wrap. Glass windows on the ground floor-zakleenykrest nakrestbumazhnymi strips in besieged Leningrad. Residents military camp in a circle and become emotionally talk about that in the explosions in apartments falling shelves with dishes, pots with flying colors, babies cry and scared pet dogs. On the walls of houses creep crack — people are seriously worried that the blast could cause irreparable damage to structures. It is said that the military offered them in the explosions vents slightly open, not to create a vacuum, but from broken windows does not help. They say that they understand the importance of this government job, but why on disposal of old ammunition should suffer civilians? Said he wrote a letter to the site chosen by President Putin, but the military said the explosions still continue until the end of April.

— The kindergarten this morning, replaced the broken windows — said an employee of the institution. — Last night they issued a blast. Is this possible in a time of peace?

In short, the problem is obvious. — Or rather, on the windows. Residents cantonment paint not thicken — this eloquently broken glass in the windows and on the balcony. But at the same time on the Civil Defense chief Nikolai Sinichkin Biysk district makes an official statement that the people of the military camp and the district Districts should not panic — all the explosions being developed with the rules and strict safety regulations, when one well laid about 100 kilograms of explosives of TNT instead of the prescribed federal agencies 120 kilograms. And that the military security of the inhabitants of the town and district is not threatened. Like, do not panic.

So why are bursting glass in the windows of houses in the military town? We tried to find an answer to this question in veterans of military affairs, and that's what we were told by a professional deminer biychanin Grankov Nicholas, who has long been retired:

— If the broken glass in the windows, then blasting conducted in violation of safety — categorical Nicholas. — So, the engineers overdo the amount of explosives, then power charge is too high. For this reason alone can fly from the blast glass.

A freelance ecologist Sergei Belokon, which now is part of the Environmental Commission of the city administration, said that, in principle, a great danger to the environment and most Districts Biisk blasting these do not represent. Because being away from town. Although, of course, the explosion in the atmosphere a lot of chemicals, which are then deposited on the sites, fields and houses, being then in the future source of release.

In short, whether we like it or not — on the training ground before the end of April, will go to work on the disposal of old ammunition. While, for example, the mayor of Winter (Irkutsk region) to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to urgently stop the disposal of ammunition, because the city after blasting cracks in the houses. And the war went against — to reduce the power of the charge.

Natalia Dmitrieva
In the subject

Disposal of obsolete missiles and ammunition will cost the Ministry of Defence in the 27 billion rubles.

There are currently disposed of 2794 tons of missiles and ammunition.

For military munitions disposal in February to use the new device R-40, known as "The Destroyer." It is a metal tube with a petrol bomb, in the ignition which creates a powerful jet stream. "The Destroyer" pierces the wall charge and burns explosives inside. But military munitions disposed prefer the old way.

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