In Bolivia, the pink dolphin discovered

September 21, 2012 11:39

Scientists discovered in the Bolivian waters rare pink dolphin, which has become the global domain.

September 18 marine biologists have discovered a unique pink dolphins in the waters of the Amazon (Bolivia). Pink dolphins are found on our planet is extremely rare. It is an endangered and quite unusual dolphin, which is under the protection of environmental groups and is listed in the Red Book.

Pink dolphin belongs to the Amazonian river dolphins. The adult's largest river dolphin has a length of 1.24 to 2.5 m at a mass 98,5-207 kg. Females are much smaller than the males, which generally unusual for river dolphins. The body color varies with age. Young dolphins pale gray with a light belly, while the adults very bright, pink or pale blue back and white belly. Individuals living in lakes, usually darker than in rivers. But, adult pink dolphin — is the rare kind of river dolphin, which found great success.

Latin form of a dolphin called «Inia geoffrensis boliviensis». These dolphins are particularly sensitive to environmental pollution, and they often fall prey to poachers. Every day, pink dolphins on the planet is getting smaller and smaller.

Sometimes the size of the pink dolphins up to 180 cm, and they can weigh up to 150 kg.

Pink dolphins are very flexible and brisk, allowing them to easily maneuver between the branches of trees, under water, in search of food, but in this case, they can not get out of the poaching network.

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