In China, e-passports will be introduced


Beijing, May 4 / Xinhua / — On May 15 of this year in China will be introduced e-passports. It became known yesterday corr. Xinhua News Agency at the Ministry of Public Security of China.

According to the responsible representative of the Ministry, a new type of passports containing an electronic chip that records the personal information of the holder, including name, date of birth, digital photo and fingerprints. Is manufactured using a large number of technologies and materials to protect them from fraud, which will help improve the security of the passport and its effective protection against fraud.

In addition, special protective measures are taken to ensure the security of digital information contained in the electronic chip. Fingerprint data can only be obtained by law enforcement and border control services with a special decoder.

Statistics show that if in the mid 90's of the last century in China annually issued an average of about one million passports, now the figure has already reached 10 million, however, this figure is still growing at an annual rate of about 20 percent.

To date, more than 90 countries around the world are introduced e-passports. The introduction of the electronic passport in China, is expected to play a positive role in the protection of national security, the promotion of human exchanges and enhancing the image of the state.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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