In China, the dog put on the market to sell chickens

November 12, 2012 20:26

Labrador devotedly standing beside a tray of fruit and vegetables and offers everyone to get two cocks that are perched on his back.

Price question - 10 yuan or $ 1.6 (photo: liveleak)

Price question — 10 yuan or $ 1.6 (photo: liveleak)

Curious case could capture on camera on one of the witnesses to food markets in China.

Among the regular traders unexpectedly and yellow labrador, which offers visitors buy live chickens.

Faithful canine seller is a tray of fruit and vegetables, holding in his mouth a price tag. Perched on his back two colorful rooster.

According to the figures on paper, the dog wants to get for their goods to 10 yuan each, equivalent to $ 1.6 or 50 rubles.

Cocks in turn, obviously, feel completely comfortable and no attempt to escape from his unhappy fate.

Web users, rate the video, immediately made the assumption that the situation shown in the video, is quite the opposite.

— Most likely, it roosters sell a dog, this is China, after all, — joked one commentator.

Ekaterina Sidorova, Life News Online

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