In Chinese Scientists at border with North Korea were deployed NEW TANKS TYPE 99G

In Chinese Scientists at border with North Korea were deployed NEW TANKS TYPE 99G
Not so long ago, the Chinese developed main battle tank Type 99G was first demonstrated during exercise Shenyang Military Area near the border with North Korea on December 28, reported the municipal channel CCTV (China Central Television). Writes about it now
Like all tanks «Type 99», the new version is armed with 125-mm gun, able to penetrate the armor of the western main battle tanks, such as English and South American Challenger M1. Chinese tank has the best ammunition and a huge range of fire than the Russian T-72 production, also has a more advanced fire control system, said in a report.
People’s Liberation Army to this day does not reveal details of the tanks, but CCTV said that the tanks were deployed Type 99G during exercises held in the Changbai Mountain area and the Heilongjiang River — just 220 km from the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region of North Korea. Chinese authorities have also stated that in connection with the teachings of 10-17 January was banned civilian courts enter into the waters of Bohai Bay and the northern part yellowish sea.
On the teachings were brought about 100 thousand soldiers of the PLA, the Seoul newspaper reported Chosun Ilbo, and that China is ready to send its 39th and 40th Army Group in North Korea in a state of emergency.
According to the newspaper, 39th Army Group, which participated in the Korean War, in a possible conflict in the state to crush the entire Korean people’s army, his own former ally. Some sources say that the 39th Army Group in the main tanks will be equipped with Type 99G.

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