In early autumn, cherry blossom in Kirov


30.08.11.Zhiteli apartments on Volodarsky 150 does not believe their eyes.

In the yard of the house for many years grew red cherries, which were happy locals. It turned out that fans of berries have all chances to try this year's second crop of hybrid cherry.

Once out into the yard to relax and smelled cherry blossoms at first did not believe it myself, because the yard is almost fall! He walked over to the bushes — and faint, near the ripe red berries were flowering branches. — Said Gennady Russian resident of the house. — Went outside another neighbor, also surprised, said in Riga chestnuts bloom — a sensation! We unanimously decided that this is some anomaly.

Gennady lived in this house since it was built, he and other settlers broke a small garden in the yard, but this in 21 years of life on Volodarsky 150 has ever seen.

Expert Opinion. Landscape architect and agronomist Elizabeth Kochanova said that this phenomenon sverhanomalii not.
The summer months are rainy and warm, in general, very favorable to the various cultures that promoted secondary flowering hybrid cherry. — Said Elizabeth V.. — This phenomenon is not uncommon for our area.

The people there is a sign that says that if trees or shrubs bloom in overtime, fall is long and warm.

Anastasia Anzorova

Source: Portal «Pro City. Kirov "

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