In early January 2011 in Chelyabinsk established abnormal cold

As the agency "Ural Press Inform" in Chelyabinsk weather center, averages of air temperature during the first ten days of January in Chelyabinsk is minus 14.7 degrees, 0.2 degrees colder than in the last week of December.
Coldest early January was in 1979 (average decade temperature reached minus 26.6 degrees), the warmest — in 1978 (minus 6.4 degrees).

In early 2011, in the Chelyabinsk region was abnormally cold weather and extreme cold, the night exceeding the mark of 30 degrees. In the daytime the temperature drop below 20-25 degrees.

In the next night in Chelyabinsk expected minus 24-26 degrees on the field — to minus 28 degrees in the lower part of the relief — up to minus 33 degrees.

According to popular calendar from seventh to 14 January VASILIEVSKY frosts occur, that are replacing Christmas.

VASILIEVSKY frosts occur on average once every two to three years, but the frequency of severe frosts, when the average daily temperature falls below minus 30 degrees less often — once in 13-14 years. The coldest weather with an average temperature of minus 37.8 degrees was recorded January 13, 1927.

Usually these frosts last one to three days, but in 1940, they took 14 days and were most lasting for the entire observation period. In 2010 VASILIEVSKY frost lasted three or four days

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