In eastern Georgia hail destroyed vineyards and crops


24.06.2011, Tbilisi 11:27:55 In 11 villages Lagodekhi district in eastern Georgia (Kakheti region) hail that fell in the night of 24 June 2011., Destroying vineyards and crops. According to the head of the district administration, Dmitry Loladze the morning special commission began counting the damage element. After you know the exact amount, the local authorities will decide what form the government will help farmers.

D.Loladze also reported that hail damaged power lines, and now electricity to the area is not served. According to preliminary data, the power supply will be restored by the end of the day.

Recall difficult weather conditions persist in Georgia for more than two months. Almost the entire country due to floods killed crops, poultry, livestock, and destroyed bridges, roads, water and gas pipelines, power lines and damaged homes. June 19 as a result of landslides on the pass Rikotskom killed six people, in Dusheti region killed a girl — she fell into the river from the bridge washed out with water.

According to the Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri damage from landslides on the pass and road damage was more than $ 6 million money to eliminate the impact of the elements stand out as the budget, from the funds of the President and the Government of Georgia.

Source: RBC

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