In Ecuador, the foci of FMD


15.08.11.Sluzhba veterinary supervision Colombia encourages livestock producers whose farms are located close to the border, to be attentive to cases of smuggling and illegal transportation of cattle from Ecuador, which recently registered FMD epidemic center.

Leaders at Columbia State Agricultural Institute (ICA) informed the Government of this country, that the spread of foot and mouth disease from Ecuador jeopardize the livestock sector is not only the border area Nariño, but the whole of Colombia.

Veterinarians Ecuador confirmed last week revealing fact epidemic outbreak of FMD in the livestock sector of the canton of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Pichincha Province, livestock which is more than 3500 animals. Despite the fact that the area within which the disease was found, located more than 300 km from the border with Colombia, ICA announced improved sanitary epidemiological vigilance department of Nariño and Putumayo neighboring departments, both are border with Ecuador.

At the request of employees of state organizations, as a safety precaution, will be a compulsory disinfection of vehicles traveling to the territory of Ecuador, which fall to Colombia five checkpoints on the common border, the main of them — the Pan-American Highway. Intensified patrols in areas at high risk of penetration of the smugglers.

In turn, the insurance agency and quality assurance of Agriculture of Ecuador (Agrocalidad) announced the introduction of quarantine in identifying the source of the disease, within a radius of 10 km.


Source: Ecuador Today

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