In Ecuador, the growing activity of the volcano Sangay


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25.01.12.Vulkan Sangay (Sangay), located in the jungle of Ecuador, is in a state of activity from the XVII century, intensified their activities since last Monday.

This activation is accompanied by the emission of volcanic ash activity, announced today the official representative of the Geophysical Institute (IG), which leads to problems in air traffic.

Despite the constant activity of the volcano, located in the province of Morona Santiago, in southeastern Ecuador, IG does not have a network monitoring tool on its slopes, as this mountain is located in a remote area where there is no settlement, so that the monitoring of the volcano is predominantly satellites.

Reports of pilots VAAC (Volcanic Ash Control Center) in Washington on January 23, 2012 indicated the presence of ash in the atmosphere with the direction of south — south-east, explained in an official statement the institution. Satellite images show that Tuesday marked thermal anomaly over the crater of the volcano, so employees IG recommend climbers to refrain from climbing the mountain.

In Ecuador, the last year also active Tungurahua volcano (Tungurahua province) and Reventador (Napo Province), both located in the mountainous part of the country. Tungurahua, colossus height 5016 meters, is in a stage of the process variable volcanic activity since 1999. According to the latest report, now this volcano shows weak activity, the most active last eruption was recorded in late 2011, it lasted a few days. For its part, the volcano Reventador shows low levels of seismic activity, as described in the report of IG.

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Sangay (Sungay) — active stratovolcano in South America. Located in Ecuador, on the eastern slope of the Andes. Elevation — 5230 m volcano has three craters. Scientists believe that the volcano formed about 14,000 years ago.

The first recorded eruption was in 1628. The last eruption was in 2007. The volcano erupts frequently since 1934.

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