In Fethiye expected powerful earthquake

Professor Ahmet Ercan, speaking to the press after a five-point earthquake in Izmir, said that seismic activity continued to increase, and the next earthquake will be not less than 7 on the Richter scale.

As a result of this earthquake, the coastal area of Fethiye will be completely flooded, so all residents should now move to higher areas.

What happened in Izmir and its surrounding areas in the earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale horrified people around the Aegean coast of Turkey.

Senior Consultant Engineers Chamber of Exploration Geophysicists, Professor Ahmet Ercan, said that in the near future the area may experience more powerful earthquake, at least 7 on the Richter scale, reports

"In the triangle-Midilli Karaburun-Foca there is a strong tension. The cause of the earthquake in Izmir was the fault of Zeytinbay Midilli. Seismic situation in the region continues to deteriorate. If on the Aegean coast of an earthquake of 7 points, it will lay Izmir 2.3 meter tsunami wave "- said the professor.

"South Aegean volcanic arc starts with Mora, passes through Rhodes and Crete and in Fethiye rises to the land. This area is at risk of flooding, as the fault comes up to the Burdur. African continent for 10 million years puts pressure on the Aegean plate. We're talking about three centimeters of displacement in a year. Fethiye need to move from the coast to the mountainous region, "- says Mr. Ercan.


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