In Hong Kong in August set several records

As a result of the dominant position and the lasting impact of subtropical anticyclone August in Hong Kong has become one of the hottest period of meteorological observations taken since 1884. The average temperature of the month was 29,5 °, which is 1,1 ° above normal and equal to the value of a record set in 1990 and reaffirmed in 1998. Month was sunny. The total duration of sunshine reached 242.0 hours (52.3 hours more than the norm). In addition, it turned out dry, with total rainfall 157.6 mm (35% of normal). Precipitation deficit accumulated since the beginning of the year was 42%. In the first week of the month the temperature reached 35,0 °. In late August, the typhoon «Namadol» went to the province of Fujian. Hong Kong has remained outside the main circulation of the vortex and was influenced by the north-west transport of dry air masses. Weather remained very hot, the atmosphere was dusty.


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