In Iceland, Katla volcano wakes up again

Giant Icelandic volcano Katla, an eruption had waited a long time, is showing signs of activity that could disrupt air traffic again over Europe, experts say.


Over the past month Katla in the south of the country, have been more than 500 aftershocks.


The last major eruption of the volcano was in 1918, it caused an excessive melting of glaciers, icebergs were swept into the ocean as a result of severe flooding.


Significant activity Katla, which has a huge 10-kilmetrovy crater usually occurs every 40 — 80 years. Experts fear that, when he finally wakes up to this time, the world will see the most powerful volcanic eruption in the last century.


For eruption followed a catastrophic flood: Before frozen surface of the volcano melts, and huge amounts of water will rush into the Atlantic Ocean.


Specialist volcanologist Andy Hooper from Delft University said that, although we are seeing increased activity Katla, it was difficult to predict exactly when it will start spewing lava.


However, he said, the consequences for Iceland may be dire.


"Glacier Myurdalsyekudl on top, this is a huge amount of ice melt, washing away roads. Addition, it may be a lot of ash falling on nearby areas, adversely affecting agriculture. Well as negative impacts are expected and for the people. From the point of view of the rest of the world everything will depend on the weather at the time of the eruption. If Katla explodes, emissions will rise higher than during the recent volcanic eruptions, and that means the ash will be in the air longer, which may adversely affect the air "

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