In Iglakovo killed 10,000 young sturgeon. Video


6.09.11.Ob reported rush hour, with reference to the chairman of the environmental organizations of Tomsk region Sergey Zhabina.

According to him, the mass death of sturgeon and carp occurred rybozavodnom farm in the village near the Seversky Iglakovo the night from Friday to Saturday. The cause of death of fish, according to environmentalists, was the release of toxic substances into the river Tom. As a result, ten thousand juvenile Siberian sturgeon were poisoned. Damage — about a hundred million rubles. Dead fish were about two months. Next spring specialists planned to release the grown sturgeon in Tom. Now there were some pools adult sturgeon.

"It occurred to volley reset CHP Seversk, the water went to Tom. Apparently, any harmful substance — very bad — in relief attended the fish for five minutes, all was lost. When people come and see what's going on, began to fish, well, people in tears welling up, because for the first time is in Tomsk. All said, well, let's put on his feet rybhozyaystvo. The area will then be marketable and sturgeon, and will be able to replenish our rivers juvenile sturgeon. And so it happened … "- said Sergey Zhabin Peak Hour.

As the rush hour today, fisheries should visit prosecutors and the administration.

Note Iglakovskoe fisheries — the only company in the area, which has been breeding and restoration of sturgeon.

Video: Peak hour
Source: TV2 News Agency-Tomsk

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