In Irkutsk raging hurricane. Video


27.06.11.V region rain waited a few days, but the 30-degree heat, it seemed, was not going to back down. And now the trees, unable to withstand the strong winds and rain, threw on the road, people.

A huge branch of poplar tree fell on the 21-year irkutyanku with a height of 3-storey building. A large impact she lost consciousness. Eyewitnesses to the arrival of physicians provided first aid. She received serious injuries. However, doctors say that the girl was lucky.

— Tell me what the prognosis?
— Forecast normal. No fracture. Will be okay.

The hurricane tore roofs off houses, advertising signs, fallen trees deenergized several houses. In the Sverdlovsk region of Irkutsk poplar fell on a car. The street tree perkrylo Baikal bummer road. In a matter of minutes a large traffic jam. In some areas of the city livnevka not cope with the influx of water. Streets turned into rivers.

And in the Irkutsk region of Hurricane added degrees. Blooming garden of pensioner died. Chunks of ice fell to the ground one sposhnoy wall. Under the eaves of houses have these drifts. The storm lasted only a little over an hour. But this time was enough to cause damage to tens of thousands of Irkutsk citizens.

Alexander Ryabov

Source: STRC "Irkutsk", Lead Irkutsk on RuTube

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