In Kazan revealed 4 cases of West Nile


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15.09.11.V Kazan reported the first cases of West Nile fever, IA Regnum reports with reference to the city health committee.

Dangerous viral infection, which are the carriers of mosquitoes and ticks, was identified in August the residents of the Volga, the Soviet and New Savinskoye districts.

One case was confirmed by the reference laboratory located in Volgograd, the study of biomaterials three other patients continue.

Last year in Kazan was one case of West Nile, which was considered an imported (sick Kazantsev bitten by a tick in Transbaikalia). However, according to epidemiologists, new cases have occurred in the city.

The spread of infection is associated with the appearance in birds, which are natural reservoirs of West Nile virus. In addition, the city has been a significant increase in the mosquito population — the main carriers of fever.

At the meeting of the Epidemic Commission, held in Kazan Executive Committee in connection with the first cases of West Nile fever, it was decided to conduct additional mosquito treatments reservoirs located in the city.

West Nile fever — a viral disease, with a rise in temperature, mucous membranes and lymph nodes, as well as meningitis. The infection is transmitted to humans by bites from mosquitoes. According to various estimates, from 2.5 to 7.5 percent of identified cases with fatal outcome. The infection is common in North Africa, an outbreak recorded in the Mediterranean, as well as in India and Indonesia. Hotspots of fever exist in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Astrakhan, Volgograd and Omsk regions of Russia. Last year, in several regions of Russia were identified about 500 cases of West Nile fever.

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