In Kerch paced whirlwind. Photo


Tornado in the Kerch Strait. Marina photo Neshev

15.08.11.Segodnya a hero city hurricane. Local residents have experienced all the delights of the weather.

Heavy rain flooded several streets Kerch water. As a result, at the crossroads of the Proletarian and Kirov was a great jam.

In addition, flooded storm drains and curbs. Pedestrians around the city to the touch, and the cars were like submarines, reports

But what about the storm in the Kerch tornado can do without … of course, atmospheric vortex appeared in cumulonimbus clouds, and spread down. Kerchane managed to capture the natural phenomenon to their camera. According to witnesses, this is the third tornado in Kerch in the summer.

As we reported, the last time such a whirlwind swept over the Kerch Strait on August 3.

Photo from: KERCH.COM.UA


From the city center was well see a small tornado in the commercial port.


Hurricane on the Kerch

15.08.11.Neozhidannostyu kerchan to become a strong hurricane. Poured rain, gusty wind blew. Kerch also watched over a tornado.

As a result of bad weather on the roads there were huge puddles, which sometimes interfere with pedestrians and motorists, broken trees, torn harness.

Photo from: TRK "Briz"

Source: News Service TRK "Briz"


Lenin Street broken tree tops. A huge part of the plane tree lies across the sidewalk.

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