In Krasnoyarsk, the invasion of bedbugs


18.05.11.Krasnoyarsk experiencing an invasion of bugs. Neither the city nor the province does not keep records of the victims. Problem is exacerbated by the fact that no modern medicine does not kill the larvae after the first treatment.

How many apartments in Krasnoyarsk populated bugs, no one knows. At risk dormitories, hotels, sektsionki. Bites no one dies, but a sleepless night, fatigue and poor health are provided.

After the first night in a chair Krasnoyarsk call in all instances, but the only thing that can help in public health centers, disinfection — will phone a private company which is engaged in processing flats. A one-room professionals asked fifteen hundred rubles for a two — two and a half. Orders — for a few weeks in advance. Among the clients — residents of new buildings, luxury homes. When it was the building, lived side by side finishers from neighboring countries.

Scientists do not prove that bugs are vectors of disease. Perhaps, therefore, in the province of statistics on blood-sucking not. There were many in the 80's, then even invented a drug. Bugs won, wonder drugs banned. Now among the modern chemicals there is no one who would kill the larvae from the first. To professional destroyers of bed bugs are likely to have to go more than once.

"Now I have a magazine, here is a record of the different categories of the population. Even some people who bought some furniture that is already populated with bedbugs, "- says the head of the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology Center Tatyana Khazova edge.

Bugs in the new sofas began to find after Krasnoyarsk businessmen urged to take their old furniture. We can assume that the contaminated items simply beautiful upholstery adhesive qualities, and the new owners for an unpleasant surprise. In any case, the problem of Krasnoyarsk are left alone.

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