In Krivoy Rog again was a mini-earthquake


8.02.11.V Krivoy Rog again experienced devastating earthquakes. Mini earthquake happened in Karachun (Central Urban District).

Today, February 8, at about 14.00, the editors of IA "Kryvbas On-Line» asked the ex-employee "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" Love. The woman was very excited, and there were reasons.

— I live on the seventh floor of the house number 34 on the streets of Newton, — she said. — Exactly at 12.00 our house just shake came. Lamps and chandeliers swayed from side to side, it was a feeling that the house shook hesitated … furniture, tables, etc.

Love also said that the house on Karachun similarly shook and January 14. That day, when seismologists recorded in Krivoy Rog oscillations of the earth's crust force 3.9 points.

— You are told that when the house was shaking at 173 quarter square Artem Boulevard Tonight — said krivorozhanka. — But we also have to Karachun. And, my daughter lives on the floor above, and also enjoy all the delights of the earthquake and the present.

— And before something like this happened in your neighborhood?

— I will say this, until recently, I worked on the "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" and could not in the daytime during the week to stay at home. I know that just about 12.00 blasting work on many careers. Earlier, when we worked near the plant kamenodrobilny (granite quarry near river Ingulets — approx. Authors), especially in the 80 years we were often shaking. But the plant is not working for a long time, blasting it is not carried out and that can cause the bumps, I do not know. However, as I told my friend, who took part in the Soviet era in the construction of high-rises on Karachun, our homes have been built and they seysmoneustoychivy violations. Construction led, it appears, the plant "Sunrise" … I do not know how we continue to be afraid for the state of the house, endure it?

Information on tremors this afternoon confirmed by other residents Karachun, with whom we could communicate.

— About 12.00 flat strongly shaken, — says Elena Serdyukov, who lives on the 7th floor of a building located on the street Pogrebnyak. — Dishes are certainly not rattled, furniture does not fall, but the feeling at the push was not pleasant.

But in MOPR on Sotsgorod and outdoors people Spassky tower blocks any earthquake was not felt. In this case, residents reported the private sector and five-storey buildings located on the same Karachun with whom we have contact, no tremors in their homes is not felt.

We turned to the press service of the city emergency department to comment on the information received by us. However, according to a gorupravleniya, as of February 8 14.15 no calls or complaints from the residents of the city to the number "101" to operational duty MOE has been reported.

So how to give information about possible held today before noon blasting in local quarries and mines to mining in the Krivoy Rog Gosgoropromnadzora territorial administration, we asked for comment, and to the organization.

As a result, you can exclude gas explosion in someone's apartment or gas supply communications — according to the emergency service "Krivorozhgaza" like PE was not.

But with the emergence of alternative land for Karachun fluctuations due to voronkoobrazovaniem or explosions in mines was likely. In this case, "primacy" is given to the explosions in mines. By the way, for comparison — during the explosions in mines laid during the Soviet period of at least 200 tons of explosives, while the figure for the mines — is much lower. For example, at present the mine poluostanovlennoy "Homeland" "Krivoy Rog iron plant" is often used during the explosions of 20-25 tons …

As reported IA "Kryvbas On-Line» in the Krivoy Rog terupravleniya Gosgorpromnadzora, vibrations from the explosions in mines "Southern Mining" and "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", in principle, can reach the area Karachun. But just cause significant fluctuations in the houses, scare the locals, they could hardly. First, the "Southern GOK" today there were no explosives. With "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" is more complicated. At 12.00 in the career № 3 of the Mining Department of the enterprise carries out planned explosion. But seismologists estimated Nigro, who were at the scene and control the force, the explosion took place in the normal range, according to the specified calculation. Therefore, the impact of the explosions in mines Krivbass Karachunovskih fluctuations in high-rise buildings are likely to be excluded.

Determine whether the same have cause tremors on Karachun shifts or landslides in ground rocks is not always possible, because in this crater is expected to reach the surface. Most close-to Karachun mine — Valyavko name no longer in use. And generally located far to the south-west of Karachun. While no information on the possibility of a collapse in the workings of the mine in Gosgoropromnadzor also been reported. In any case, experts terupravleniya soothe residents and a further reminder that no underground cavities under houses krivorozhan and residents Karachun in particular, do not have.

In this case, given all the available data, to clarify felt today in some high-rise buildings of the tremors can develop that assumption former employee "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" alleging the seismic instability of houses in the streets of Newton and Pogrebnyak. In that case, even the planned blasting, held today at the "AMKR" force which did not exceed the standard ratios, could somehow affect the vibrations of the soil under the separate apartment blocks m-on Karachun, bypassing the rest of the house within the impact of explosions. But without expert opinion this assumption, there is only a guess.

Andrew Royko

Kryvbas On-Line

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