In Latvia, the raging elements


Photos: Reader TVNET

12.06.11.V Saturday in many places in Latvia could see lightning and hear thunder, rain and hail and strong wind gusts in some places piled trees.
In the evening, the wind knocked a few trees in Olaine, his impulses were particularly strong in Riga, the element has left its mark on Plyanivekah. In many regions was hail, including around Kuldiga Saldus Ventspils, Riga and Sigulda.

Especially heavy rains hit the Kuldiga and Saldus, reports Latvian Centre Environment, Geology and Meteorology.
Lightning was visible in Vidzeme and Courland and around Daugavpils. Some customers "Latvenergo" experienced temporary shortages of electricity.

Today — storm again

On Sunday in Latvia is also possible thunderstorm, especially can relate to the middle part of the country.

In Riga at night with a chance of rain in the storm, in the afternoon the sky is partly overcast, but no precipitation is expected. At night the temperature drops to 18 degrees during the day will rise to 24 degrees.


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