In Louisiana, 60 thousand people evacuated because of the danger of a dam break

Louisiana state government on Thursday announced a large-scale evacuation near the dam, which is expected to inevitably break out as a result of the pressure of water coming, caused by tropical storm "Isaac."

As reported by the Associated Press, the local authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of up to 60,000 people living near the dam at Lake Tangipahoa (Tangipahoa) 160 kilometers north of New Orleans.

Hurricane "Isaac", raging in the U.S., before the weakened to a tropical storm. But his victims in Louisiana, according to the agency, have become two people.

Hurricane a few airports in the U.S. states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were closed, about 1.5 thousand flights canceled. It also reported that more than 600,000 customers in Louisiana remained without electricity.

Swept over Haiti "Isaac" completely destroyed 335 homes, more than 2.5 thousand buildings were seriously damaged. Nearly 15,000 people have been evacuated. The number of victims of the hurricane in Haiti, at last count, was 24, and three people are still missing. At least five people were killed in the Dominican Republic.

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