In Marupov killed all the fish. Video


5.07.11.Iz-severe consequences for chemical pollution in Marupe killed almost all of the fish, said the executive director of the portal DELFI Riga Juris Radzevich.

"The flow of chemicals left severe consequences Marupov, lost almost all of the fish," — said Radzevich.

But, he said, the Daugava, given the volume of water in the river, the chemicals will not cause much harm.

"At the same time, to swim downstream estuary Marupov, for example, cable-stayed bridge is not recommended. In turn, the official Riga beaches and Vecaki Bullyusale as confirmed Health Inspectorate, no danger for swimmers not, "- said the executive director of Riga.

It is predicted that in the coming days, the concentration of pollution in Marupe pond Maras and Āgenskalna Gulf threshold drops to a critical level, and within two weeks will be self-cleaning water.

However, the Municipal Police continue to ensure that residents, especially children, do not fit Marupov and pond Maras. Police officers are warning people about the fact that you can not touch the water, walk their dogs near the water bodies, and to collect the dead fish.

Source: DELFI.lV, ltvpanorama


PE in Marupe: contaminated water got into the Daugava


5.06.11.Zagryaznennaya water from the river Daugava Marupov reached, but the concentration of harmful substances is minimal and does not pose a threat to residents. In an interview with the program "900 Seconds" said the vice-mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks.

According to him, in Marupe collect all the fish in order to prevent poisoning of birds surrounding it.

Ameriks also explained that on Tuesday and in the coming days the company will supply Rigas udens Marupe residents with drinking water.

As reported, on Sunday from warehouse Baltais vejs in Marupe were harmful chemicals. State police began criminal proceedings in connection with the deliberate destruction and damage to property.

Simultaneously, the Health Minister Juris Barzdinsh instructed Health Inspectorate to strengthen supervision over the quality of drinking water in the areas around Marupe.


Source: DELFI.lV

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