In Middle Earth happened to be involved in star wars

June 20, 2012 8:43

Scientists are at a loss, trying to determine the source of a mysterious energy impact from space.


A group of Japanese researchers from Nagoya University under Professor Fusy Miyyake examined sections of ancient cedars that grew in Europe. And found that in the early Middle Ages they — cedars — were powerful energy attack. As a result, the content of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in the wood has increased by 20 times. According to the annual rings Japanese found that a burst of radiation in the 775 year.

Carbon-14 is formed after the bombing of nitrogen in the air high energy neutrons. They occur during the operation of nuclear reactors, nuclear explosions. Or as a result of the impact on the atmosphere of a powerful gamma radiation from space.

The first two sources, of course, fall: in the eighth century, there was no nuclear accidents, and nuclear power plants themselves. And no bombs exploding. Remains space — energy blow came from there.

Here, scientists and concluded by publishing it in the journal Nature: 1237 years ago, Earth was involved in a cosmic cataclysm, accompanied by bombardment by cosmic rays. But what was their source, Japanese researchers were unable to identify.

Sun bombard Earth could. But the flash was to be the power that would destroy the ozone layer and the auroral on the planet. That would not have been noticed by the chroniclers of the time — people carefully observe nature, detection of anomalies. And there is no evidence.

Source of cosmic rays could be a supernova explosion, followed by a hard gamma radiation. But it would have to see. Ancient astronomers, for example, see supernova explosions that occurred in 1006 and 1056, respectively. And the one who broke out in the 775-m, see? But he would have to be much brighter, visible even in daylight. And the traces of the explosion, astronomers would have long sought out by modern telescopes. But none found.

Battle near Saturn

— Current knowledge does not allow us to establish the cause of the incident — said Miyyake. — We can only say that the near-Earth space has undergone an incredibly powerful energy effects in 775 AD, but not as a result of a solar flare or a supernova explosion.

But ufologists all became clear. Their wise saying astrophysicist Igor Moskalenko of Stanford University, to comment on the study of Japanese colleagues.

— I can not imagine a single supernova explosion, it is very bright, it would have to be — said the scientist magazine New Scientist. — Most outbreaks were several series.

UFOlogists have developed the idea of Igor in his side. And suggested: Earth happened to be involved in the kind of star wars. Came under fire, which were alien ships warring civilizations. Fired at each other from the gamma lasers. As the victims of the world's population were reported, the battle was far away — somewhere in the orbit of Saturn. Distance weakened radiation.

There are also less warlike hypothesis based on the research of the American astronomer Harris. Back in 1986, he tried to prove that gamma-ray bursts — is the result of movement of starships working on antimatter. Gamma rays appear in the annihilation of antimatter with our — the usual. Spaceship, getting energy to move from time to time produces such explosions.

Harris even tried to trace a series of gamma-ray bursts, lying on the same line. Stated that all that — the trajectory of an alien spaceship. Scientists have counted as many as 134 such trajectories.

So perhaps 1237 years ago, the Earth starship touched exhausts, which carried out maneuvers in the solar system?

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