In Minsk again blossomed chestnuts


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14.10.11.Nesmotrya on cold October weather in Minsk on Dzerzhinsky Ave Zhukov and others on the street. DOLGOBRODSKAYA chestnuts bloomed again.

"The trees bloom again in uncharacteristic flowering period, most often it is along the roads and highways. This is due to the impact that they have a car exhaust, lamp night light, hot asphalt or soil due to closely spaced communications, salt sprinkled on a winter road. Because of all these factors, they are under constant stress, "confuse" the time of year again and blossom. Regarding the chestnuts can say that this is the year all over the country intensified parasite chestnut mole, putting these trees are more stress "- Consult correspondent leading engineer in the maintenance and improvement" Minskzelenstroya "Hasanov Elena Ilinichna.

"Blossoms in October Chestnut is not very favorable, but not" dead. " Now blooming buds, no seeds, no longer exist, and in the spring, there will be new and healthy "- added the expert.

Natalia Nazarenko


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