In Minusinsk began flooding


5.03.11.V this year Minusinka river began to bother residents living on the street in Chapaev "Metalist" especially early. Some people today have to lift their stocks from underground, where there is water. Specialists blocked the channel in the upper reaches of the river, so it is unclear why the flooding began.


"Minusinskuyu urban economy" covers every channel in the upper reaches of the river, preventing flooding of the city. "The other day was the big opening in the upper Minusinki — the director of the company Sergey Nechayev — The study found that the water is not supplied to the city."

So while it remains unclear why drowns citizens. Experts nominated in two versions: either it is ground water, or keys. And it will depend on flood situation, is difficult to say.

However, "Mingorhoz" take all necessary measures. According to Sergey Nechayev, if not to be missed art, enterprise, as in previous years, will involve excavators others. They are usually placed in the most problematic areas. By the way, the weakest capacity at the bridge near DPMK. "This — the lowest point, to address the need to raise it above — the director of" Mingorhoza "- The best practices we have, and we will take all measures to prevent flooding of the city."

In the administration of the city formed a special commission. After the survey, it had agreed to provide the capacity of the river near the bridge. This and take a "Minusinskuyu urban economy."

In mid-March, will be used more heavy machinery, which in turn will remove more ice from the bed Minusinki, the press service of the city administration.

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