In Moscow lightning struck two people


28.07.11.Po powerful hurricane swept through the capital. Knocked down dozens of trees, broken wire, the houses collapsed roof. One of the lightning hit the lyudey.V Odintsovo two people hit by the lightning strike.

Accident reports received by the emergency services in 20.17. Heavenly bit hit two people Odintsovo near supermarket on Mozhaisk road. Eyewitnesses called victims ambulance, but by the time the ambulance, the wounded were taken to their homes already.

— Injured workers who worked at a construction site next to a supermarket — told Life News doctors. — They were taken to one of the capital's hospitals colleagues on a personal car.

Another bit of heaven in a village of the same Saloslovo Odintsovo district hit the house.

— In place of the emergency call a doctor — Life News reported a source in the police — presumably in the structure could be people.

Bad weather in just one hour've done in the suburbs and in the capital and other ills.

In Mosfilmovskaya Street squally wind knocked a huge fence 40 square meters, which crushed seven cars.

The wind knocked down hundreds of trees. So, in the north-east of Moscow in the hospital yard on the street Korolenko tree fell on two foreign cars.

In Chechersk hurricane passage continuity of power, resulting in the grass on fire. Information on casualties yet. The witnesses called to the place of emergency operative services.

Wind force is so large that the fruit street from the place demolished garage shell.

Of catastrophe, are suffered even people in the barbershop. Profsoyuznaya street wind brought down the ceiling salon. Injury was one of the employees.
Hope Gladchenko
Source: Life News

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