In Moscow, the invasion of cockroaches. Video


20.07.11.Zhara, who came to the capital, has brought with it other than closeness and another unpleasant surprise.

This could make sure residents Small Georgian streets. They attacked the hordes of giant cockroaches.

Whole armies of insects enter the apartments, garages and expensive restaurants, and to cope with the invaders have not yet been able to.

When night came to the inhabitants of Presnya horror. A huge army of cockroaches went on the offensive. On lawns, paths, roadway, homes, restaurants, hostels. For them there was no barrier. They entered the garage-shells, they sat down on the walls, they are teeming with flower beds.

Outside, two in the morning. The crew of the program is on the Little Georgian street, right on the sidewalk. And next — House fence 21. And it runs straight from the red river Prusak.

If you watch, it seems that this is a huge colony of direction — from the streets in 1905 to the Belarusian station. True, the rear of the army in the night can be found. Now insects occupied key positions in houses 21, 24. This is not a situation where cockroaches occasionally crawl out of the apartment. Here they stormed the home of people.

"The whole floor of the cockroaches, tired sweep. More than anything in the window sills. Look — just guys hanging out "- said Larisa, a resident of house number 21.

No traps or poison sprays so many cockroaches can not destroy. At every step — red females with offspring. It seems to heat Prusakov as an incubator.

Now cockroaches crawled on expensive seafood restaurant. Employees of establishments to comment, for obvious reasons, abstain. But argue that their defense no one will break. However, near the service entrance and wall decor in full crawl red spies.

While one reliable weapon — his legs. Opposite epicenter invasion — hostel Conservatory. Future violinists and a harpist rehearse meeting red invaders.

That colony Prusakov fell from their homes, it is not surprising, according to entomologists. Science knows such cases. Ideal conditions for cockroach: heat, moisture, shade. Therefore, it may affect the climate: hot last summer, the current relatively hot. Maybe someone cockroaches the damage. But then, so much that came out all of them.

"Warmed soil. Not only is the process of "settlement" related to the fact that the large number of these insects is now a network of underground utilities and in old buildings "- explained Nina Alyosha, assistant professor of business and disinfection of medical entomology, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

But as long as you do not know the nature of cockroach migration is unknown and how to deal with it. The main thing is that no one service that should do it, the complaints of the residents did not respond. The management company does not show initiative. SES is not up to the capital to get through. In the council said that they themselves try to contact the right specialist.

"We are probably on the other hand call dezstantsiyu. Not at the houses, and in this neighborhood. During the next week, the work has been done. Call the representatives of the city center is because it is not for a particular dwelling house ", — assured Nicholas Bulygin, deputy head of the district council Presnensky.

Day of cockroaches in the Little Georgia behave much more modest. Huddle in the cracks, moving short dashes. After dining on a red army — a couple of shops, and behind them — a bakery.

Ilya Filippov

Source: Vesti-Moskva

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