In Obninsk leaked into the river toxic waste


15.08.11.Nepriyatno odor from municipal wastewater treatment plants is already a few days in Obninsk Kaluga.

As reported on August 15 REGNUM correspondent member of the City Assembly, Ph.D. Lyudimila Shapiro. the dumping of large amounts of some toxic waste into the river Protva unknown now, biomass, processing municipal sewage, destroyed or turned into depression.
Blame for the incident was delayed, and even reverse the effects of the reset input of sewage is also not yet possible. Residents of the city, especially the old part, which is located near the sewage treatment plant, subject to poisoning by high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, which has increased the danger. In addition, due to the obvious environmental disaster, the settlements located downstream Protva, are seriously polluted. Chemical pollutants, untreated sewage and toxic waste chlorine can get into the water intake system other settlements and villages, and also have a dangerous impact on the biosystem Protva river, said Shapiro.

According to local newspaper about the incident, "You and Us", in fact toxic discharge into the river head of the administration of the city of Obninsk, Alexander Avdeev held a special meeting with the prosecutors, "Water canal", and sanitary-epidemiological service. Science City mayor demanded to punish those responsible for dumping, which is why the city has turned into a gas chamber. Currently being investigated under the supervision of the supervisory authorities and law enforcement agencies. Already have an idea who is to blame, it is clear that this is a food establishment. The action of the city authorities indicate that in the near future will be the name of the perpetrator punished, according to the newspaper.



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