In Oceania there was a powerful earthquake (7.1)

Underwater earthquake in the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Republic of Vanuatu. According to seismologists, the earthquake magnitude was 7.1, and the center lies at a depth of 36.7 km under the seabed. While reports of the tsunami and other notable consequences cataclysm has been reported.

The earthquake registered on Friday at 18:09 local time (11:09 GMT). Its epicenter was 60 kilometers south-west of the city of Isangel Vanuatu — the provincial Tafea (Tanna Island), told Itar-Tass.

Vanuatu is located in Micronesia — the heart of Oceania as called huge cluster of islands (more than 80). Below them, at the junction of the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, is the trench, framed by a belt of volcanic mountains. Vanuatu — a mountainous country. Most of the mountains are covered with tropical forests. Earthquakes and tsunamis are fairly common.


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