In Penza collapsed construction of underground garages


In Penza collapsed underground garages

6.10.11.Obrushenie construction of underground garages occurred in ILI-24 Penza, between houses number 25 and 47 on the street Antonov, on Thursday, October 6. As reported by IA «PenzaNews» witnesses the incident, the roof construction of underground garages collapsed at around 11:00.

According to preliminary data, the people who were in the immediate vicinity of the buildings, not postradali.Informatsii about whether there were any at the moment construction work yet.

Construction of underground garages in the GEA-24 was started about three years ago. In autumn 2011, the work has entered the final stage — the roofs of buildings began to pour and the circumstances of the collapse zemlyu.Prichiny underground garages install specialists.

IA «PenzaNews» yet has no official comment on the incident.

Source: PenzaNews

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