In Poland, the firemen cope with the consequences of night storms

Nearly a thousand times went Polish firefighters for the last day of responding to storms, told RIA Novosti spokesman Paul Fire Department Frontchak country.

Rain and storms are raging over Poland raging since early July. Hardest-hit north, west and south-west of the country. So, in Bishtynek town near the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia hailstones the size of a hen's egg broke all tiled roofs. In the north-western Poland tornadoes destroyed more than 500 hectares of protected pine forests in the southwest of the road washed out. Several people were killed and dozens injured.

Total fire Thursday in Poland went on a call due to bad weather 956 times. Most often, 844 times, and they had to saw clean off the road hurricane wind felled trees. In some cases, firefighters were invited to help pump out the water from the rains flooded basements. Several times the fire service staff have built barricades of sandbags to the threat of flooding. Most of all calls recorded in the Silesian province in the south-west and in the Greater Poland in the west, said Frontchak.

Forecasters predict that the storm will pass and thunderstorms throughout the country on Friday, but their strength is lower than the previous day.

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