In Poland, the sugar prices have soared to 1.5 euros per kilo


25.03.11.V Poland — sugar rush. The price for one kilogram of sugar in recent days has reached five, and even six zlotys, ie half euros, transmits radio "Liberty".

Poles are not forgotten empty shelves during communism, rushed to buy sugar in reserve. Not surprisingly, in many places, not enough sugar, and this only added to the Polish sugar rush. Savvy Poles rushed for sugar to the neighbors — the Germans and the Czechs, where he is half the price.

The Polish Government calls on the population of the country not to panic and said that the high prices artificially inflated by speculators. According to the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, the high cost of sugar is called "vulgar, shameless profiteering."

"Although this year prices went up rapidly, I want to warn politicians from inflating unfounded panic. Say, sugar speculation is that some convincing Poles that sugar will always go up, and that it will be less, so people buy it more and more. Therefore, sugar traders are very happy, "- emphasizes Tusk.

Polish Prime Minister claims to know how to stop the galloping rise in sugar prices. In his view, the state sugar producers have to offer Polish market of its large reserves of additional batches of sugar.

In addition, the Polish government will find out how well founded rumors of price fixing manufacturers.

It is worth noting that since 2011, the year the price of food in Poland is constantly growing, and experts predict that will grow over the years. In particular, the Poles promised a record high price of bread. Already, the average price of a loaf of three to four zlotys (about one Euro), and will be even more expensive. Significantly more expensive fruits, vegetables and dairy products. For example, this year in Poland, which is called the country of apples, this fruit is much more expensive than last year.

Polish government says high prices last year crop failures, floods, as well as developments in the Arab countries. Like, prices are rising everywhere, and Poland is no exception.

Recall, during the Christmas holidays in Ukraine was also a significant hype surrounding sugar by creating an artificial shortage. AMC asked the participants of sugar cause lesale and retail product prices to economic levels. March 18 this year Committee reported that the understanding reached: 8 groups of sugar mills, 11 sugar producers are not integrated into the group, 9 large wholesalers and 8 major retailers committed to adhere to reasonable pricing policy. Thus, today the price of sugar in the retail range from 8.82 USD / kg to 9.14 UAH / kg, the average price for this product is 9.07 UAH / kg. In this case, according to AMC, today there is no shortage of sugar. Thus, the remains of sugar, according to a March 01, 2011 was 987 thousand tons.

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