In Poltava flowered lilac grove. Photo


Lilacs bloomed in Poltava

4.10.11.Na outskirts Dikanka Poltava region flowered lilac grove. Flowers appear on the majority of the bushes. Just a grove of more than 100 varieties of lilacs, it is 2 hectares.

"That was last fall. Only the lonely bushes bloomed. People like — said township chairman Valery Tolstoy. — Guy bloomed this weekend. "

Repeat flowering can lead to the death of plants, said Lyudmila Gomlya dendrologist Poltava.

"The main reason flowering — heat. 20-21 degrees Celsius is not typical for this time period. Therefore, early-flowering plants are confused spring to autumn — explains Lyudmila. — Not only the lilacs bloom. Blooming magnolia, chestnut. Repeat flowering plant exhausts, for him it is a lot of stress. From such lilacs may die. Flowering also cause various plant diseases, pollution of the territory, the absence of a draft, or a high density of trees. "

Lilac grove was laid in the early 19th century at the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire, the local prince Victor Kochubei. Local talk in the family often had tuberculosis. Family doctor advised to plant lilacs, though the scent of flowers makes you feel good. Tuberculosis patients daughter Anna Kochubey was relieved when blossom grove. But in the fall, she died. According to legend, her spirit still wanders between the lilac bushes. To date grove grown. They did avenues for tourists.
Irina Roerich

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