In pursuit of an underwater ghost

November 9, 2011 12:46

UFO under water

Quite often, military and civilian sailors from different countries are witnessing the emergence of the water in the oceans of unidentified objects, which have the characteristics of a completely unimaginable. In minutes, they sink to the depth of tens of kilometers and so quickly rise to the surface of speeds up to 300 km / h Terrestrial technology has not yet reached the level of modern submarine develop no more than 100 km / h Who are the mysterious depths of the ghosts?


Unidentified flying objects. Investigating this phenomenon, we often do not think that three-quarters of the Earth's surface is occupied by sea space — a place inhabited by little — from reports of these events come very often. And yet, the UFO is clearly attracted to the water element … The events related to the study of unidentified flying objects in the Navy, his meetings with these phenomena tell commanders of nuclear submarines.

UFO under water

Navy intelligence veterans, researchers anomalies in the hydrosphere. On the organization of the collection of information about UFOs tell the former commander of the Soviet Navy Admiral VN Chernavin.


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