In Rostov TC MEGA evacuated staff and visitors


July 28 at the family shopping center MEGA Rostov-on-Don, about 20.30 Moscow time there was an emergency evacuation of visitors and staff of the center of the building.
Hands-free, it was announced the message: "Dear visitors MEGA! For technical reasons, we ask you to leave the building. " Employees of the shopping center will show you the shortest path to the exit. "

One of the witnesses said happened:
— The stores were a lot of people. I tried to pay for the goods quickly at the checkout. An employee of the store refused and again asked me earnestly urgent to get out of the building.

Leave the mall quickly was not easy at the exit of the parking lot of a traffic jam.

We tried to contact representatives TC MEGA Rostov-on-Don, but no one answered the phone.

Stay tuned to the site.

Source: PH "Peasant"

From the time factor:

 I wonder what it's called so hastily evacuated, even money for the goods do not have to take?

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