In Russia, it may be unified environmental monitoring

Wet tankMOSCOW, November 9 — RIA Novosti. Federation Council approved on Wednesday a government bill to create a single state automated environmental monitoring system.

By law, the unified environmental monitoring includes the following subsystems: environmental monitoring, ambient air, radiation, land, wildlife, forests, subsurface condition (including groundwater), water bodies.

The information contained in a single State Fund State environmental monitoring data is to be used state power bodies, local authorities, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and citizens in the planning and implementation of economic and other activities.

In particular, the monitoring of the radiation environment will be implemented within a single state automated system, which in turn is part of the environmental monitoring system. While monitoring the radiation environment will be charged by the authorized government federal authorities and Rosatom.

It is assumed that the cabinet will also determine the body that coordinates the activities of all participants in a single monitoring the radiation situation.

In addition, the law provides that the unified state automated system to monitor radiation environment will also receive information on government use of nuclear energy and of the organizations operating nuclear facilities.

Provides integration and monitoring of environmental pollution with international monitoring systems.

The law is the first in a package of environmental laws, prepared in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation.

Subject improve radiation monitoring has been widely discussed in the Russian society, especially in the Far East, after the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant on March 11. After the devastating earthquake in Japan and ensuing tsunami on nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" was recorded a series of accidents caused by the failure of the cooling system. Revealed several leaks radiation, later began to appear about finding information in several areas of Japan radioactive elements, including isotopes of iodine and cesium in the air, water and foods.

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