In Russia, only three natural fire unquenched

MOSCOW, September 4 — RIA Novosti. Three wildfires remain unquenched throughout Russia, for a day, the number fell to one source, said on Sunday Russian Emergencies Ministry.

For the last day on the territory of Russia 17 fires on the area of over 48 hectares. Was extinguished 18 centers with a total area of more than 47 hectares.

"In view of the previously arisen fire continues to operate three hearth area of active burning is 2.95 hectares, 135 hectares of localized" — said in a statement.

Threats settlements and no economy, emphasizes emergency department.

For days before in Russia there were four natural fire, their total area is about 137 hectares.

"To extinguish wildfires privlekalbs 3.022 and 1.043 thousand pieces of equipment, including 20 aircraft," — said the MOE.

According to authorities, the high, the fifth, fire rating class will continue on Sunday in Siberia, Volga, Southern, North-Caucasian Federal District.


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