In Russia, the control system will create Mechs

In Russia, the control system will create Mechs 

Russian engineers are working to develop management systems groups bots, including the ability to carry different types of weapons. This in Mon, November 26, reports «Interfax» citing a source in the St. Petersburg CRI Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC).
According to the source, it is about different robotic platforms for fighting, and for research purposes, including monitoring radiation levels. As explained by the representative of the Central Research Institute, Russian bots planned to give «particular method of behavior, independence.»

Coupled with the fact the source of «Interfax» stressed that the artificial mind not talking.

CRI increased attention paid to the creation of compact bots intelligence. «We need a boat, which could be, for example, to throw in the window of a house captured terrorists, that he looked at everything,» — explained the official.

In addition, law enforcement officers need bots that could go before the special forces and gather information about the situation in the area of ​​hostilities.

At this point, according to the representative RTC already developed bots for detection of ionizing radiation. «Such a bot can find the source of radiation, drive up to it, take the manipulators and put into a special container» — told in the CRI.

Some of the timing of combat bots armed Russian security forces interlocutors «Interfax» not dubbed.

In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the development of promising research Foundation (DRF), which will finance high-risk projects that benefit the Defense Ministry. Office will be similar to the South American Office of promising research and development (DARPA). Among other DARPA oversees the development for the U.S. armed forces combat and reconnaissance bots, including robot-flea (Sand Flea), cockroach robot (RHex) and robot-porter LS3.

In November 2012 an international human rights organization Human Rights Watch published a 50-page report on the threat or use of absolutely autonomous combat bots. Views on human rights defenders, independent bots fail to distinguish military from civilian inhabitants and will kill indiscriminately.

Estimated HRW, one hundred percent autonomous fighting bots can seem armed major powers in 20-30 years.

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