In Serbia, the mammoths found cemetery

Mammoth Graveyard in Serbia

In Serbia, accidentally discovered the remains of mammoths, owned, said Serbian scientists, paleontologists, at least five individuals. On this news, according to The Associated Press.

At the cemetery mammoth stumbled miners who worked in the mine, which is located near the settlement Kostolak, which is east of Belgrade. The cemetery is located at a depth of about twenty feet from the ground.

A small amount of bone found at the beginning of this summer. But later, was lucky to discover the remains of four other mammoths. According to the same Associated Press, experts on the issue of Serbia have already established contact with the French and European scientists, who have promised to make all possible assistance in the organization of the excavation.

In order to produce high-grade excavation, according to experts, it takes approximately six months. While they find it difficult to talk about the exact age of the find. Approximately, in their own words, mammoths died here about a few tens of thousands of years.

During the preliminary investigation, it was determined that mammoths, which include the remains were woolly. They became extinct on the mainland about 12 thousand years ago. Interestingly, in the same area in 2009. females were found bones of a mammoth in a million years old, christened Vika. She belonged to the species of mammoths lived in the south and had no hair.

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