In Siberia, the apple blossom


22.09.11.V Siberia because of the very warm autumn apple blossom again. The plant was not obey the calendar. Gardeners have also noticed the natural anomaly — perennial flowers, seemingly went to "hibernation", again began to blossom.

The reason for this behavior of flora, according agrosinoptikov, in a very warm day. Cold, rainy August, beginning of September, very cool and light frosts at night, "announced" the plants that come autumn. And returning summer — though an Indian! — Made a commotion.

However, Siberian weather forecasters say it again soon fall into place. Indian Summer fest in Siberia last day. The entire territory is a cyclone. Weather in the region will have to change tonight. Krasnoyarsk tomorrow promised light rain and 11 degrees above zero.

Source: TRC "Channel 7" Krasnoyarsk

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