In Sicily, watch crazy

Strange and inexplicable phenomenon while registered on the Italian island of Sicily over a week, electronic, digital watch
rush for 10-20 minutes a day, many of the islanders. Unusual phenomenon reported in several cities in Sicily, and the first time so massively. The phenomenon has become a real mystery, since there is no one able to establish the cause.

So far, the people of the island have only minor organizational disadvantages, but the situation could become critical — of order out of the banks. At the moment, the logical explanation that while over a thousand electronic devices (including alarm clocks and various household timers) in different areas of the island began to work in the failure ..

The investigation of the mystical phenomenon in the best traditions film X-files, are recognized experts in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Catania. Among the nominated versions there are quite plausible: the cause of the anomaly called unbalanced solar panels, radio experiments, as well as repairs of underwater electric cables leading from the middle of May.

Sicilian share their impressions of the "mysterious crazy hours" in Facebook, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. For example, a user named Francis asked his friends and colleagues, whether they had problems with the fact that the electronic watch on refrigerators, microwave ovens and other devices in a hurry. This question has collected a large number of responses.

Melina wrote: "I noticed that the clock on the microwave go faster than necessary, and translated them. But after a while it was the same … ". Girl under the name "Angel" echoed her: "Yes! I have the same thing happened to the alarm. "

"Indeed there is something strange … Watch
on my microwave oven began to rush for 7 minutes. At first I thought they accidentally touched, and they rebuilt, but then the same thing happened to the clock in the computer, "- said Marilyn.

Francis later told a journalist Corriere, that this infection spreads like wildfire: "I do not take it as a joke. Even at the grocery store near the house, I was told that they rush hours. But I was more excited about the fact that the same thing I said in the bank. The clerk asked me to wait, because they have "a small glitch in the system." I asked, "Do you watch in a hurry?" He wondered, "How do you know? '.

According to the portal, the situation is serious because of failure do get out of credit institutions. "The queue at the bank turns into hell, because the clocks show the same time. Banks have to send customers to their homes, "- says the article.

Some Sicilians tend to blame all the troubles of the Etna, which over the last few weeks, "behaved very active." Maybe he could become a source of electromagnetic radiation, affect the course of hours.

Recall, May 12, 2011 Aetna once again woke up and started spewing a lot of lava and ash cloud that came to Catania (which is now a problem with the clock).

Dormant volcano awakens from time to time, and experts believe that it will soon enter a new phase of activity.


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