In Sochi builders caused landslide


03.04.11. In the Adler district of Sochi of the company "InvestStroyGroup" led to landslide. Builders have tried to correct the situation, but just have not damaged water pipes.

"InvestStroyGroup" in the neighborhood Chaysovhoz build housing — planned to build six 18-storey buildings.

Builders pulled down a retaining wall that held back the earth, and there was a landslide. As a result, were open telephone lines, damaged gas lines. On the road, which local residents pour yourself for travel remained part of the width of three meters.

New reference wall builders have decided to install the roadway. Local residents prevented them from doing so. Later it turned out that it is here is the central conduit.

In Adler Administration situation discussed at an emergency meeting. Head of the district ordered the builders to stop work in order to find out the location of water pipes. The company representative said that in choosing a location for the new wall mistaken designers. The company promised in the near future to strengthen and restore the road slope.


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