In southern Greece earthquake occurred

Twoearthquakemagnitude 4.2 and 4.1 on the Richter scale took place last night in the areaMessiniain the south of the peninsulaPeloponnesusat 04:20 and 07:44, respectively. The epicenter was near the village of Ihaliya 170 km south-west of theGreek capital.

DepthEarthquakeslocated close enough to the surface, so the slack forGreeceearthquakes have caused significant damage to old houses and alarmed residentsKalamataandTripoli, administrative centers of Messina and Arcadia. Many kalamattsy remember well a strong earthquake in 1986.

According to the mayor Ihalii Filippos Bamisa, all victims in the village of old houses are no longer suitable for further accommodation. Six buildingsdestroyedcompletely and only a miracle no one appears injured. At the moment, says the Greek newspaper "Elefterotipiya" locals have filed 300 applications for checking the status of their homes. Also destructive in the Church of St. Theodore. In the neighboring village Kotsar 25 homes found unfit for further accommodation.


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