In space, there is something

A few years ago, being in the country, came out late at night to see the starry sky. Well were seen floating satellites, rare and fast meteors, but one unusual thing at once attracted attention. It looked like a star 2nd about the value of a rapidly around her in circles smaller sprocket.

Signal lights of the aircraft known to me. The more so because the subject is not movable except that spun around. It also confirmed the position and published wife.

All anything but having estimated the distance where it was obtained in orbit, with the rapid rate of normal centrifugal spinning object can not. (Approximately1-2 sec. Turnover) About any tests in the news did not say. Later, asked this question to the chief engineer of the space center in Korolev. He does not know either. This object had a chance to see one more time in the winter right out of the apartment in the city. The same parameters and the same 75-80 degrees from the horizon.

What could it be? And most importantly, what they are doing out there in space and any who do not care about that.

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