In Stavropol flowered apricot


Stavropol. December 29. Interfax-South — in Stavropol abnormal temperature increase due to bloom apricot, the agency "Interfax-South".

"Apricot bloomed in the yard of one of the houses on the street Shpakovskaya. I saw a flowering tree, driving down the street on public transport. People on the bus also drew attention to it and have a lively discussion of apricot blossoms, which usually occurs in the spring, "- said the agency was a resident of the regional center of Victoria Alexandrov.

She noted that the tree bloomed due to the abnormally hot December. On Wednesday, the air temperature in the Stavropol reached plus 15 degrees.

Previously reported that in Stavropol in December was found just two temperature records.

December 5 was beaten absolute maximum temperature for December, established in 1999, — the thermometer showed 22 degrees plus.

In addition, on 22 December the thermometer in the regional capital rose to 18 degrees Celsius, which was a record for the day.

Thus, Stavropol December of this year was the warmest month of all time weather observations.

The city blossomed Izobilny dandelions and "Chistyakov spring", in the village on the eve of the Stavropol Territory Pelagiada buttercups bloom and street violets.


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