In Stavropol flowered lilac


Lilacs bloomed in October Photo: Hope BABENKO

19.10.11.Oktyabr already passed for the middle, on the green of the trees was painted in gold and crimson farewell, why my heart is not entirely comfortable — winter is still ahead.

But here's miracles in the center of the Brave, in my own front garden, like a messenger of spring, the lilacs bloomed — easily and violently, against the autumn depression.

In the garden, so no berries, no fruit on the branches remained, except grapes destined to wait for the first frost, and suddenly he had an unusual companion — fragrant, exciting, intoxicating aroma wonderful lilac. Admiring the beauty of this humble — and easier it becomes for the soul, and the sun breaks through the clouds, and the bees are happy unusual for this time on discovery.

Source: Stavropol Pravda

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